What is Diminished Value?

When your car is worth less after an accident, even if your car is fixed perfectly.

How many estimates can an insurance company make me get?

Just one!  If the insurance company doesn't like the one you have done, they can send their own adjuster to you. If you are working with Toys Done Right, we deal with the adjuster to get the best possible repair.

Can an insurance provider force me to take my car to their direct repair shop?

No. Remind them that it is still YOUR CAR and that you wish to have it repaired by someone you trust. Are they looking out for you or just their bottom line?

Why should I go to Toys Done Right versus the dealer that sold me my vehicle?

It all comes down to quality. Toys Done Right builds cars for the most particular of people. If we can build award-winning show cars, you can trust us to repair your worst collision damage.

I know Toys Done Right builds show cars and street rods, but what collision experience do they have?

Dan worked for one of the local dealerships for seven years. All of his employees have worked in production style collision shops. Every one of them got tired of the low quality / high push - get it done mentality. Dan and all of his employees do high-quality work and they are proud to put their names on it.

Why should I go to Toys Done Right versus a small neighborhood shop?

Time. How long can you be without your vehicle? Does that shop do any of the insurance work? Can the other shop supply a loaner vehicle? Is the other shop known for high-quality repairs? Are you actually getting a high-quality repair for your hard earned dollar?

Bottomline: If you want the job done for a reasonable cost and done correctly the first time, come to Toys Done Right.